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How to get started?

To receive Ministry Credentials at any level with the Pentecostal Church of God, Arizona District,  individuals must complete various educational requirements and undergo an application process. Upon receipt of the application, a date for an interview will be set by the district officials, and upon their recommendation, the application will be forwarded to the International Mission Center for final approval.

Step 1:
Complete the Minister's Study Series

Before receiving credentials, ministers at every level are required to first complete the Minister’s Study Series, which involves a particular set of readings and accompanying review questions, or equivalent. The exhorter series emphasizes biblical studies and theology, while the licensed and ordained series dive deeper into spiritual formation and ministerial leadership. All ministers must also be familiar with current PCG bylaws.

Equivalency options may include the Forerunner Experience (Exhorter only) or an undergraduate degree atMessenger College or other Spirit-filled Bible college / university.

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Step 2: 
Fill Out the Application and Attached Forms

Upon completion of the Minister’s Study Series, individuals may fill out an application and submit to their state or district office.

(1) new applicants must complete the application for minister’s credentials, friend reference form, family reference form, background check authorization (2) previous applicants must complete the Application for Reinstatement,  and the background consent form,and (3) current ministers seeking promotion must complete the Application for Promotion. All necessary forms are included below.

Please fill out every relevant form (i.e. felony or divorce), and take care to include the pastoral reference letter.

Step 3:
Submit to District Office with Processing Fees

Along with the application, forms, and pastoral reference, please also include a check or money order made out to the Pentecostal Church of God. 

Fees include: $25 for background checks (some geographical areas, such as New York, may be slightly higher) plus $90 advance payment (covering the first three months of credential fees).

If for some reason the application is denied, $60 will be refunded to the applicant, and $55 will be retained to cover processing. Messenger College and Forerunner students are exempt from these application and processing fees.

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Mail your applications to:

Pentecostal Church of God, AZ District

1664 E. Florence Blvd. Suite 4 #450

Casa Grande, AZ 85122

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